• Take a Tour to Charna Island With Pakistan Rent a Car

    5 October 2016 By : admin

    Charna Island is situated near Mubarak Goth, Kiamari Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a small uninhabited island situated in Arabian Sea at a distance of 9 km west of Hub river between the Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Charna Island is about 1.2 km long and 0.5 km wide. Charna is also known as “Cheerno.”  It lies at a distance of 6 km away from the Mubarak Village. Mubarak Goth fishermen go for fishing near the Charna Island. You can plan your tour to Charna Island with the help of rent a car in Karachi.

    Home to Water Species

    The Island is home to a lot of sea water species from fish, crabs to lobster. Anglers use boats to visit the Island from Mubarak Goth.  You can also explore barracuda, sea snales, cobia, Tuna, sea fan, ray fish, oyster and rare green turtles while scuba diving if you get lucky.

    Used by Pakistan Navy

    Churna Island is used as a firing range by the Pakistan Navy. It is famous for water sports such as freediving, scuba diving, hiking, underwater photography, kneeboarding, speed boating, jet skiing, cliff diving, banana tubing and snorkelling.

    Events at the Churna Island

    Pakistan Game Fishing Association holds national angling competition near Charna Island. There is a presence of coral reefs around the island which attracts the big game fishes around it. The illegal net size is used by the fishing trawlers which is unfortunately destroying the natural treasure.

    Popular Activities

    The land near Charna is popular for the presence of widely varied marine life and coral reef. According to some people, there are about 60 types of corals present near the Charna waters. Many new corals have flourished after the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami.

    Churna island is not anything less than hidden paradise in the Arabian sea. It is famous for Snorkeling and Scuba diving trips. The best time to snorkel is from the month of November till April. This is a natural phenomenon which the water seems and feels quite warmer during the winters as compared to summers.

    Snorkeling & Freediving

    Snorkeling and Freediving is a swimming practice through a body of water while being equipped with a diving mask.  There is a shaped tube known as snorkel with fins. Wetsuit is to be worn in cooler waters.

    Cliff Diving

    You can indulge in cliff diving from a cliff at Churna Island. Dive into the clear blue water from 30-50 feet height to enjoy cliff diving at the Churna Island.

    Cave Exploration

    There is a hidden cave at Churna Island. You can explore it with your friends by planning a tour with a travel agency who will take you to the heart of the mountain.

    Underwater Photography

    There is a lot of underwater photography which you can enjoy at the Churna island. You can take pictures continuously to capture the amazing moments to cherish the memories for a long time.