• 5 Historically Amazing Sights to Visit in Karachi

    8 September 2016 By : admin

    Karachi, located on the Arabian Sea is the economic and financial center of the nation. The port city is generating a lot of revenue for the country. Also known as the city of lights, the city stands out from the rest of Pakistan, the same way New York does from the rest of the United States. City life is fast, busy and quite liberal from the other Pakistani cities. If you are planning a trip to Karachi, rent a car in Karachi with driver to make sure you do not miss out on the following attractions:


    Travel Sights in Karachi


    Empress Market

    empress market


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    Empress market is not just another market, but is a reflection of the city’s significance during the British Reign. Located in Sadder, it is home to everything ranging from a number of big and small everyday household items to electronics.


    The market is named after the Empress Victoria and showcases an Indo-Gothic style.  The building contains four galleries, a 140 feet high grand clock tower and an atrium. The location of the market was an execution site for the British until March 21st 1889 when it opened as a public market. The best thing about shopping from the Empress market besides the great history and architecture is the ability to get great bargains.


    Wazir Mansion

    wazir mansion

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    Wazir Mansion building is situated in Khardar, the birthplace of Quaid-e-Azam, founder of Pakistan. Built during the 1860 and 1870 AC, it today serves as a centre of national archives and a museum. The building has been declared as a national monument by the Pakistani government.


    Teen Talwar- The Three Swords



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    Teen Talwar is one of the most significant monuments of Karachi, situated in the area of Clifton. The three white marble swords represent (creed of Quiad-e-Azam) Unity, Faith and Discipline. It was commissioned as a tribute to Quiad-e-Azam by the former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The white and pure quality marble has been widely used for the creation of monuments.


    Pakistan Maritime Museum



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    Pakistan Maritime Museum is the Navy’s very own small museum which showcases an artificial lake. For giving a real-life touch to the lake, it is filled with duck, goldfish and several other animals. The museum is home to an old surveillance plane, a submarine and a frigate. You can also find a replica lighthouse, torpedoes, armaments, paintings, boat replicas and nautical instruments. You will also find many young love birds flocking the area of PAF.


    Manora & Kemari



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    Manora is an island near Kemari Port. The port mainly serves as a military base with a residential establishment, but also opens for public tours. On the southern end of the Island, you will find clear pollution free waters towards the long sandy beach. This beach makes Manora a popular picnic spot.The water at the Manora beach is clear compared to Clifton and Sea View and is also quite near to the city center as far as the other beaches in the vicinity is concerned.