• Plan a Historic Tour to the City of Lahore, Pakistan

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    Lahore, is one of the most historic cities in the world. The city is popular with the architecture, busy bazaars and modern hotels. You can not see the city completely in one visit. Here is a list of places which you can check on your tour to Lahore with rent a car in Lahore services:


    Walled City of Lahore


    Waleed City
    by Tahir Iqbal


    Lahore has always remained a fortified city.  It remained a Mughal fortress from 15th to 19th century. Those parts of the city still exist and are known as the wall city of old Lahore. Lahore Fort is the residential fort of the Mughal Kings. It stayed as a winter residence for royal families. The fort has been used by Sikh rulers devastated by the architectural fort beauty.


    Lahore Fort


    Lahore Fort, is one of the most iconic forts in Pakistan. It is a world heritage list. The fort is home a number of places from Diwan-e-Aam, Shahi Hammam, Diwan I Khas and the magnificent Shahjahan’s quarter where you can see Sheesh Mahal and NoLakha Mahal.


    History Museum


    A small museum is located in Lahore which is dedicated to the Sikh period of the 18th century. Ranjit Singh also lives in Lahore.


    Badshahi Mosque


    Badshahi Mosque
    by visistpak


    Badshahi Mosque constructed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb stayed the largest mosque in the world. It is an epitome of beauty and grandeur of Mughal era.  Badshahi mosque is one of the Lahore’s most famous landmarks and is also among the main tourist attractions.


    Shrines and Palaces


    Inner city is full of palaces and shrines. The most impressive ones are the Imperial Baths and the Asif Jan Haveli.




    Minar e Pakistan
    Minar e Pakistan


    Minar-e-Pakistan, or the Eiffel Tower of Pakistan is also located in Lahore. It is a memorial for the recognition of a separate state known as “Pakistan” for Muslims in 1940.


    Gates of Lahore


    Gates of Lahore
    Gates of Lahore


    Lahore’s old city  is surrounded by a 9 meter high brick wall as a protection for the city. There is a circular road around the rampart to offer access to the city through the 13 gates. Only 6 of those gates remain today.


    The Raushnai Gate


    The Rushnai gate also known as the Gate of Light is situated between the citadels and royal mosque. There is a famous gali known as shahi mahala located near it. This name is given after the Shahi Qila. There are a number of food shops located around the gate.


    Kashmiri Gate


    Kashmiri Gate is named Kashmiri gate as it’s facing the direction of Kashmir.


    The Masti Gate


    The Masti Gate is not the actual name. It is a twisted pronunciation of “Masjidi,” meaning a mosque. It is situated behind Lahore Fort and is known as Gate of Merriment. The area is dominated by the wholesale shoe sellers selling both Western and traditional style shoes. One of the oldest Mosques in the city known as Mariam Zamani Begum, is also located here.


    The Khizri or the Sheranwala Gate


    The Khizri river flowed by the city walls and the ferry was near the spot. This is why it is named Khizri after the name of Khizr Elias.


    The Yakki Gate

    Yakki Gate is the originally named as Zaki. The name is derived from a Martyr saint, who fell fighting defending against the city.


    The Delhi Gate


    The Delhi gate is named because of its opening onto the highway from Lahore to Delhi. It was built during the Mughal era. The gate suffered a lot during the 1947 riots. It has gone through renovation and is in its former glory.


    The Akbari Gate


    Akbari Gate was named after the renowned Mughal Emperor Muhammad Jalal-ud-din Akbar, who constructed citadel and town.


    The Mochi Gate


    The Mochi Gate is wrongly pronounced. It was originally named “Moti” which means a pearl. It was named after Moti Ram, an officer of Akbar residing here at the time.

    The Shah ‘Alami Gate


    Shah ‘Alami Gate was named after Muhammad Mo’azzam Shah ‘Alam Bahadur Shah (the son and successor of Aurangzeb). He was a generous emperor who died in Lahore on the 28th February 1712.


    The Lahori Gate


    The Lahori gate is named after the Lahore city.

    The Mori Gate


    It is the smallest of the gateways. The name implies the old times. It is used as an outlet for the sweepings and refuse of the city.


    The Bhati Gate


    The Bhati Gate is named after the Bhattis. It is an ancient Rajput tribe who inhabited the quarters in old times.


    The Taxali Gate


    The Taxali Gate was named after the royal mint which was situated in its neighborhood during the Mahomedan emperor period.